"Your game is too hard, is wrong"

When I designed M&CD I wanted to transmit the fear of the speed, the feeling of danger.

I make a car hard to control that feels on edge of the control  every corner. I make a dark road so you can't know what's ahead. I make the camera with a high FOV at high speed so the loss of visibility makes you brake. I make a second level where if you exceeded certain G Force threshold you lose to generate tension. I make low grip wheels so you can make beautiful drift easily.

Each one of the elements was designed to transmit the same feeling that Dirt or BeamNG.drive makes me feel. 

I create a game that I wanted to play. 

However, after the release of the game half of the players jump at my neck telling me that my game was wrong and uncontrollable.  I know that I make a hard game and launching it in a game jam was a mistake. But my target audience was these who play driving sims like Project Cars or Dirt Rally. But Mario Kart players still telling me that I must  "fix" the game. 

So, I test what happens if I follow they "advice"



The question is

Worth make a WROST game just to make it more accessible?


M&CD for N00BS 132 MB
May 29, 2020

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