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Join Emelina in exploring this huge, procedurally generated dungeon taking down as many monsters as possible in this fast-paced roguelike. Compare your scores with those of other players on the scoreboard. Explore the depths of this dungeon and uncover its secrets! Deeper you get in, strongest your enemies get. Yes, this is just fill text. The combat system allows you to take different approaches. Enemies can have different behaviors depending on the situation. 

Legacy Edition

Proelium no Hajimari was my first released game a year ago. I released it as a game under development, but, it stops being it. After almost a year of experience, I have returned to Proelium no Hajimari to finish it. Still one of my first games even after all the changes, but, is enough for me. Proelium no Hajimari Legacy Edition is the game as it was, is a sample of my changes as a developer throughout this year.


Proelium No Hajimari 42 MB
Proelium No Hajimari Legacy Version 37 MB

Development log


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It is very entertaining, its controls are smooth, good background music, interesting enemies, and it could get better over time.