A downloadable game for Windows and Android

Ustuhssad ot Emih is a frenetic platformer game developed to the Zero Words vol.2 game Jam.

There are 3 versions to download. The updated version, which has received several updates after the Game Jam finalized, the version of the game Jam which was developed in less than 48 hours and the android version, is the updated version ajusted to android.

Content is added frequently, if you like the game, add to your collection and follow me for not lossing updates


Jump: Space

Walk: A,D/ Left Arrow, Right Arrow

Attack: Left Control/ Left 

A, D, Space and Left Click for more comfort.

Credits :

   Programing and desing:
      Ernesto Jesús Galán Lefont
   Sprites and Tiles
       Ansimuz  https://assetstore.unity.com/publishers/18720
       Buch       http://blog-buch.rhcloud.com
       cynicmusic.com pixelsphere.org

       Matthew Pablo

       Zander Noriega


Ustuhssad ot Emih Updated 33 MB
Ustuhssad ot Emih for Android 45 MB

Development log


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Great to have been developed in such a short time, it is a short game, but it is entertaining and challenging.

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Nice but short 2d Game.Thanks Dev :) 

Thanks for playing!